Adviser of the Year

The IASC's Thomas E. Stirling Adviser of the Year Award annually recognizes outstanding Student Council advisers from throughout the state of Indiana. These advisers exemplify the skills needed to teach and model leadership skills for future leaders. Thomas E. Stirling, who served as principal of Thomas Carr Howe High School in Indianapolis in the 1950's and 1960's, was instrumental in promoting leadership training throughout the state of Indiana. Mr. Stirling was also instrumental in the founding of the IASC's Summer Workshop. He held a strong belief in students and their goodness, possessed a strong and steady work ethic, and was a lifelong learner. Mr. Stirling made steady progress toward professional growth and helped other teachers to mature professionally. These attributes are among those recognized by the IASC award.

The IASC will honor up to three District Advisers of the Year at the convention, one from each of the regions of the IASC, North, Central, and South. Elementary Level honorees will be recognized at the Elementary convention and/or they will be honored locally at their schools. To make a nomination, a school must have been an IASC member school for a minimum of TWO consecutive years.

IASC member schools can make just one nomination in any given year. Once this nomination is received, the IASC will notify the nominee to begin the application process.